Spiral Balances

60 Years of Dependability

Caldwell Manufacturing has produced spiral balances continuously for more than 60 years. All the while we’ve continued to refine its design. Our customers have grown with us from originally using spiral balances in wood and aluminum windows only to now using our spiral balances in vinyl (PVC) windows for both tilt and non-tilt applications.

Since 1948, Caldwell Manufacturing’s spiral balances have remained some of the safest, most flexible, dependable balances in the world.

How Caldwell’s Spiral Balance Works

  • Our spiral balance is designed around a central steel rod with a highly engineered, graduated helix (spiral) shape.
  • A coupling connects the central rod to a steel torsion spring that provides the power source for the balance.
  • A tube encases the central rod and spring assembly to protect the moving parts and reduce the operating noise.
  • Once tensioned, force is permanently stored in the steel torsion spring. When the sash is raised, this stored force is released, providing lift assistance, and creating counterbalance for the weight of the sash.
  • The distinctive helix shape of the rod ensures that the effort needed to raise and lower the sash is maintained as a uniform force over the full travel of the balance.

Two Types Spiral Balances

We produce two types of spiral balances to meet the varied requirements of today’s window manufacturers and builders:

  • Adjustable balances allow you to adjust the tension for specific sash weights
  • Pre-tensioned balances don’t require any adjusting.

Advantages of AdjustableSpiral Balances
Our Spiral Balances can be adjusted--or “tensioned.” This adjustability feature delivers tangible benefits:

  • Allows builders to optimally match the strength of the balance to a broad range of sash weights on site
  • Reduces inventories

Benefits of Pre-wound or Pre-tensioned Spiral Balances
Caldwell also produces balances that are pre-wound or “pre-tensioned” in our factory. These balances ship to you ready for use and don’t require further adjustment—unless you want to adjust them.