Hybrid Balances

Low Friction, High Lift Assistance, Happy Consumers

Caldwell’s ULTRA-LIFT®  hybrid balances feature an engineered solution of multiple sash balance components that create low friction with high lift assistance during operation. The result: Very high lift assistance--with minimal force changes--regardless of the position of the sash. And happy consumers who appreciate the extra boost!

  1. The hybrid spring balance is designed around a pre-tensioned inner spiral type torsion balance.
  2. The inner balance is surrounded by an outer extension spring.
  3. Both power sources are connected to the extension rod.

Caldwell’s ULTRA-LIFT ® hybrid spring balances feature low internal friction that reduces the sash operating force by 50% compared to traditional sash balances.

Benefits of ULTRA-LIFT® Hybrid Spring Balances:

  • Custom-made to handle a given sash weight
  • Pre-tensioned to optimally operate heavier residential and commercial windows
  • Easy to install
  • Ideally matched to the weight of the sash being supported
  • Smooth, quiet, uniform operation
  • Capable of dealing with very large and heavy window units
  • Perfect for lighter mid-weight sash where a very low operating force is needed to overcome ergonomic disadvantages (like when a user must reach over furniture to open a hung window at arm’s length)
  • Mitigates weight increases and higher operating forces normally required to accommodate glass weight increases required by new energy codes