Constant Force Balances

 Coil Spring Balances

Advantage: Manufacturing Efficiency
Constant force spring balances—also called coil spring balances--are the fastest growing balance platform in the window industry. Its compact, modular design provides significant manufacturing advantages:

  • Allows two, four, six or eight coils of various strengths to be assembled together and closely matched to the sash weight
  • Eliminates the need for tensioning or balance adjustments
  • Requires far fewer SKUs
  • Allows lower inventory
  • Lowers shipping costs
  • Reduces inventory space requirements

Caldwell’s popular constant force spring balance—or coil spring balance--is designed with very low frictional properties. As a result, it delivers valuable operational benefits:

  • Smooth
  • Quiet
  • Easy to use

How Constant Force Spring Balances Work
Constant Force Springs are pre-stressed strips of flat stainless steel formed into a coil. An assembly of plastic parts:

  • Provides structural integrity
  • Holds the coil in place
  • Acts as the tilt shoe mechanism and connection to the sash

As the end of the formed stainless steel spring is pulled away from the coil assembly during sash operation, energy is loaded into the balance system while the spring tries to return to its original coiled shape. The return pull of the coil spring remains constant through every point in the extended balance travel.

Two Versions of  Constant Force Spring Balance

Our QUICK TILT® fixed coil balance is a stationary assembly with a separate tilt shoe carrier that moves with the sash. Components can be assembled by the window manufacturer or can be shipped as factory assembled cartridges.

Our ROLLER-TILT®  moving coil  balance assembly is hidden by and moves with the sash. This exclusive patented operation results in:

  • Lower operating forces
  • Improved sash opening for egress and ventilation
  • Corrosion resistance