About Caldwell

    Solutions That Set New Standards.

We've Been Raising The Standard of Window Balances For More Than a Century
You don’t get to be the premier supplier of single and double hung window balances overnight.  It takes decades—actually 13 decades—to accumulate the depth of experience that elevates Caldwell Manufacturing above all others when it comes to superior, reliable window balances.
Caldwell Manufacturing has been recognized as the premier supplier of window counter balances more than130 years.
Window Balance Expertise In Your Backyard
With our nine facilities in four countries, Caldwell Manufacturing delivers real time service to you—wherever you are.
Providing Window Balance And Hardware Products To Some Of The Best Window Manufacturers
Our product line consists of:
  • Balance Technology
    • Spiral balances
    • Block and Tackle balances
    • Constant Force Spring balances
    • Hybrid balances
    • Balance Accessories
    • High Performance Casement Window Hardware
  • Hinge Technology
    • MAGNUM™ Multi-Bar Hinges
    • MAGNUM™ Butt Hinges
    • Multi-Point Locking Systems and Operators
    • Commercial Grade Accessories
    • White Bronze Hardware
    • Concealed Door Stops