AAMA Verification Certificates

When the AAMA verification label appears on any of our products, it means that performance tests were conducted at an independent AAMA-accredited lab and have passed performance tests in order to be eligible for use in an AAMA-certified window. AAMA is the largest and mostive active of the NFRC-licensed Independent Certification and Inspection Agencies and participates in writing NFRC standards and procedures. If you would like to know more on AAMA verification, please click here.

Click the product below to view its AAMA Verification Certificate:

Block & Tackle Balances


Series 77t

Series 86

Series 97t


Constant Force Balances


Hybrid Balances



Spiral Balances


MAGNUM™ Hinges

Series 2000/3000 16” MAGNUM™ Projection

Series 2000/3000 24” MAGNUM™ Projection

Series 2000/3000 28” SG MAGNUM™ Projection

Series 4000/4100 12” MAGNUM™ Casement

Series 5000 12” MAGNUM™ Egress Casement